What is a

Puppy Mill?

A Puppy Mill is a commercial breeding operation wherein dogs and puppies are seen as profit & inventory as opposed to living, breathing beings.

They're thrown into kennels given little to no medical care, attention or concern. Puppy Mill operators focus on the output (money).

Profit is given priority over the physical & mental well-being of the dogs in their "care".

Puppy Mills typically profit from online sales and large quantity sales to pet shops, often falsifying records & lying about the true lineage of the puppies to produce a higher market value.

Puppy Mill Awareness Day was created to raise awareness about the brutal realities of puppy mills.

Many people purchase pure-bred puppies from breeder's online & pet shops without knowing the true conditions of these factories that they & their parents came from; Cages stacked upon one another, feces & urine dripping down from one cage into another and the dogs within below. Mothers are constantly bred with no break in between litters to keep production moving. Dogs are confined 24/7 to their cages, sending many into a catatonic state or they are driven mad, throwing themselves into the sides of the cages seeking a way out or just spin hysterically in circles.

The puppies, while some may be lucky to survive & be "bought" out into a life of luxury, suffer as well as the breeding parents. Often times the kennels are housed with no protection from the elements. During the Winter, puppies have frozen to death & during the Summer, it has been witnessed some will actually cook on the hot wire kennels. Sadly, it has been noted that in many puppy mill raids the number of carcasses can outnumber the live animals in a puppy mill.

PMADTX is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization located in Austin, Texas, that is dedicated to driving awareness of Puppy Mills and the related abuse as well as raising monies to assist in providing resources and care that these animals so desperately need.

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